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Integral practice

The challenges you face are the fuel for  your excellence. Your life is a perfectly assembled training ground  for turning obstacles into assets, and chaos into power. 

Bodymind system

The brain  and mind are a two-way street.  Developing both  is the accelerated path of the emergent leader. Eastern meditation and Western Psychology come together  as the apex of human performance.

Breaking Orbit

True developmental gains are hard earned. Good  company is a requirement for  the ride. Dedicated  coaching can save you decades and bring success  beyond conventional measures.

 Part 1 | Radical Learning from  my audio training program “Turning Chaos Into Power” (12 Minutes)

“Musat’s discernment, clarity and challenge to cut deeply into life is indispensable. Alex is a rare guide, a genuine jewel and an unparalleled force capable of initiating the kind of changes your life needs and our world is asking for. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

Rob McNamara :: Harvard University Teaching Fellow, Author of The Elegant Self


Alex Musat  is a transformation expert and leadership coach with extensive training in mindfulness and adult developmental psychology.

Musat  specializes  in facilitating genuine vertical development for clients across disciplines of academia, government, and business.

His passion is the interconnection of body, mind, and spirit as the natural experience of day to day life in this world as it is. Alex’s integrative approach leaves nothing out and urges us to not overlook the freedom and power that hides in every circumstance.

Alongside his coaching practice, Alex serves as an assistant teacher for Buddhist Psychology and meditation instructor at Naropa University.

Alex lives in Boulder, Colorado with his partner Danielle and 10 year-old daughter Lucy Moon.  Listen to an interview with Alex