Musat’s discernment, clarity and challenge to cut deeply into life is indispensable. Alex is a rare guide, a genuine jewel and an unparalleled force capable of initiating the kind of changes your life needs and our world is asking for. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Rob McNamara • Co-Founder Delta Developmental

My connection to Alex was completely organic. He has such a calming spirit that helped hone my attention where it needed to go.  Alex tailored every session to address my needs and objectives of the moment. Alex was authentically invested in my success and development. He is committed to getting the best out of you - every session!

Lynn Belvitt • Business Consulting Manager, Deloitte Consulting

During our time together, Alex provided expert coaching to create an experience giving me exactly what I needed at the time – precise insights and applicable techniques – to make progress. I highly recommend Alex for those, like me, that want to develop and follow a growth-centered approach to life and work.

Casey Caram • Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

I was inspired by Alex's insight, intuition, and passion for his work. Our coaching sessions opened my mind and heart to the benefits of paying deep attention to my experience. He challenged me to reflect on my journey in ways that I would not have ventured to on my own. I would highly recommend Alex without reservation.

Tracy Buchanan • CEO CarePartners Health Services

 "Alex's coaching technique is particularly strong. He is able to distill complex concepts about the mind and wellbeing so that they are tangible and readily accessible."

Samuel Zeller • Attorney, Kirkland & Ellis

"Alex is deeply passionate about his clients purpose and journey to find it. Alex met me where I was at to help me build my practice. He is a deep listener and his curiosity leads to unexpected discernment!  He is real in how he shows up in the session. I have no doubt Alex the coach is the same as Alex the friend or community member."

PJ Mears • Senior Consultant, Mission Health

“Alex is the single most important force that’s helped cultivate a sense of what wisdom and Truth really are in me. I do not exaggerate: Alex’s brilliance has reached to the far ends of the world for me and his commitment to always do so is unquestionable...”

John Kopp • Operator, US Coast Guard

"Alex is incredibly attuned to humanity. He is sensitive and holds an outstanding combination of masculine directness and clarity with compassion, softness and an uncanny ability to meet individuals where they are. Working with Alex I feel inspired, nurtured, and deeply loved. Being coached by Alex is a win-win."

Diane Israel • Triathlete

"I found Alex to be kind, caring and wise and at the same time gently insistent in helping me to face issues I preferred to turn away from. Choosing Alex has been one of the best decisions of my life."

Gabriel Lumpkin • Monk Renunciate, St. Benedicts Monastery

"Alex is wise beyond his years. He has worked diligently and courageously on himself through contemplative practice and psychological inquiry for most of his life. Alex brings powerful qualities of insight, empathy, and gentleness to every encounter. There’s no doubt that your time with him will be well spent.”

Frank Berliner • Author, The Living Buddha Within You

"Alex is smart in a way that is always a little bit breathtaking. And wise. He takes what I give him, lays it out on the workbench with care, and helps me put it back together so that the seeing is clearer, the path forward more obvious."

Russel Moon • Teacher

“I’m deeply inspired by Alex's commitment to growth and change. He is a kind, yet purposive coach who seeks to evolve his and his client’s ability to respond to complexity in new and highly creative ways. He is committed to truth, to compassion, and to working for the benefit of others.”

Diane Hamilton • Founder, Integral Facilitator